Dental Hygiene Tips To Help You Prevent Dental Problems

Dental Hygiene Tips To Help You Prevent Dental Problems 

You have built a routine of brushing your teeth each morning and evening, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you are having all the attention your mouth needs.  Regular oral hygiene can still leave gaps if you continue engaging in the not-so-great habits at the sink.  You need to know what proper oral hygiene entails and practice it.  

Brush Using Proper Technique 

Start by holding your brush at an angle of 45 degrees to the gums and using short back-and-forth strokes, brush across the sides as well as tops of the teeth.  After that, hold the brush vertically then use numerous shorter strokes that focus on the back areas of the teeth within the front anterior teeth – this is where plaque tends to build up mostly.  Make sure you brush enough, by doing it for about two minutes, twice daily.

 Have the Right Brush


Get a toothbrush that has a small head and bristles to allow easy reach into the crannies of the molars.  This is where food debris hides after eating.  The International Dental Health Association says that most adults need a small to medium-sized brush to allow the brush to reach crevices of molars.  When purchasing a toothbrush, get one that has ADS Seal of Acceptance.  

Floss Properly


Just like brushing, you need to floss properly.  When you floss to reach between teeth, you are removing the germs hiding there.  Use a flossing piecing of up to 18 inches and ensure you use a new fresh area of your floss after every few teeth.  This ensures that you don’t reinsert bacteria that you had just removed.  Use motions that create a backward or forward “C” shape while wrapping the floss around every tooth.


Using these tips can help you keep your dental hygiene in tip-top condition.  With regular checkups at Madison Square Dentistry, you also ensure that any teeth and gum problems are detected in time for timely treatment.