Getting Help for Anxiety

Getting Help for Anxiety

Feeling anxious when you’re faced with a situation that’s challenging is normal. For instance, a first date, a job interview, or a tough exam can make you feel anxious. However, if your worries and fears are interfering with your normal everyday life, then you might be having an anxiety disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorders as well as help for you from Lisa Schmude LMFT.

What is Anxiety?

This is a normal human reaction to danger. Your body’s fight or flight response, which is automatic, is triggered when you’re under pressure, facing a stressful situation, or when you feel threatened. If anxiety occurs in moderation, there is no cause for alarm.

Anxiety can help spur you into action, give you the motivation to solve your problems and help you stay focused and alert. But when it’s overwhelming, anxiety interferes with your daily activities and relationships.

Because anxiety disorders are a collection of related conditions as opposed to one disorder, they may look different from one individual to the other. One person may panic at the thought of mingling with others in a group setting while another person may experience severe anxiety attacks without any warning. Yet, another constantly worries about everything and anything. Despite the different forms that anxiety disorders take, they all elicit extreme and out of proportion fear of the situation at hand.

While having severe anxiety can prevent you from living a full life, it’s important to remember that it’s highly treatable.

How Can You Tell You Need Help for Anxiety?

If you have the following signs and symptoms and they’re persistent, then it’s time to get help:

  • You’re constantly on edge, worried, or tense
  • Anxiety is interfering with your family responsibilities, school, or work
  • You’re afflicted by irrational fears but you can’t shake off that feeling
  • You intentionally avoid everyday activities and situations because they make you anxious
  • You feel as if catastrophe and danger is lurking around all corners
  • You believe that bad things will happen if specific things aren’t done in a certain way
  • You experience unexpected and sudden attacks of heart-pounding panic