How Family Therapy can Improve Family Dynamics and Help Resolve Conflicts

How Family Therapy can Improve Family Dynamics and Help Resolve Conflicts

Whether you have a troubled child, or you’ve been struggling to get through to your spouse, family therapy could help you get things back in order. Therapy can be for the whole family or for individuals who are willing to participate. Here are some reasons why families may want to consider going for a session to resolve their conflicts.

Focuses on Patterns not People

Tensions and conflicts between members of the family can be intense. People with such close connections can find it challenging to resolve issues without reacting emotionally. Family therapy helps to identify the patterns of behavior causing the conflict, rather than focusing on the person.

Wide Definition Of Family Member

In family therapy, a family member can be anyone you’ve had a long-term relationship with. They don’t have to be blood relations. After all, the focus is on the behavior and how to address conflicts amicably.

A qualified family therapist is always present to guide the participants through each session. They not only help members resolve conflict, but also equip the participants with tools they can use to understand family dynamics.

Structure and Framework

Since the purpose of these sessions is to understand family dynamics, a structure or framework is often adopted. The framework a counselor chooses to adopt for the session, depends on the nature of the issues to be resolved. Some of the common models adopted include:

  • Systemic: Considers the meaning of behaviors of members of the family and what they may be trying to communicate.
  • Structural: Places emphasis on the role of family members and how they can work together to discourage certain behaviors.
  • Strategic: Adopts certain techniques where results are required in the short-term.

There are many other methods applied depending on the situation. Family therapy has proven effective in dealing with teen substance abuse. Through the sessions, the family gets to understand its dynamics better.