How to Happily Live With an Introvert Partner

How to Happily Live With an Introvert Partner

You have settled down for a life partner after many years of searching for the perfect one, but now that you share almost everything from space, time, food, thoughts and all, you realize that something is off. Maybe you want to attend a party, go for a movie or just take a walk in the park while your better half is never up to the game. In worse cases he or she stays quiet the whole time and you keep on wondering if you said something wrong. You may also find yourself lonely and sad most of the time because of this behavior. Take heart, you are not alone because it happens in every extrovert-introvert relationship. How you proceed from here on is what matters. So, here is how you should:

Be yourself
This is rule number one. Never change your extrovert instincts to fit into your partner’s world. Why is this? This is because it is not who you are and your partner did not love you because he or she wanted an exact copy of himself or herself, that is why you should retain your personality. Talk to them, ask them out with patience and who knows one day they will crawl out of their shells and let you in.

It takes two to tango
For any relationship to work, the two parties involved must be ready to make it happen. This also goes for the extrovert-introvert duo. Understand your partner’s need for solitude but never let go of yours. When you suggest on going out and he or she wants to stay home, do that. It won’t kill you to stay and watch a movie together.

Next time you want to go out remind your partner that you also compromised the last time, and if you are fortunate they will follow you. Be patient and with time your better half will be more approving of your extrovert life.

Always ask
If you realize that your partner always wants to be left alone, nagging is never the solution but do enquire on their likes or dislikes. Do not keep quiet when there is a pressing issue that needs addressing because you are in this together. When they ask to be given time for processing on the issue give them space but do not let things go unresolved.

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