Improve Your Life With the Best Counselor

Improve Your Life With the Best Counselor
Having problems can be unbearable at times. If you need someone to help you, a professional counselor may be applicable to you. Counselors work with individuals who need professional help on dealing with relationship issues, low self-esteem, grief and loss, and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. They also provide support with difficult life transitions and personal empowerment. Basically, they are here to lend an ear to you.

Proper Communication

Not all people have the ability to express their emotions and thoughts effectively, which often results in conflict and misunderstanding. With Lisa’s help, you will be taught how to identify your needs and wants and then the ways to deliver them effectively and positively.

Dealing with Grief and Loss
Losing someone or something important to you is not easy, and grieving for that loss is a personal journey. If you or you know someone who is going further a downward spiral during the grieving process, a trained individual will help you to get through this trying time of your life.

Life Transitions and Self-Empowerment
Sometimes, we need to face life-altering decisions, which can be an overwhelming and even a stressful situation. Lisa’s expertise can help you get through that feeling of uncertainty, and help regain their self-esteem as well.

Anxiety and Depression
Worrying is a normal thing, but too much of it can affect someone’s quality of life. Lisa’s expertise will help you manage your anxiety and depression, but for more complex medical cases, you may be referred to a physician for further evaluation.

About Lisa Schmude
Lisa Schmude, MS, LMFT has a degree in Social Work at California State University Long Beach, and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at California State University Dominguez Hills.

Lisa is a member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Long Beach – South Bay Chapter.

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You can contact Lisa Schmude at telephone number 310-480-1021, or email her at for queries or to schedule an appointment or consultation.