Reasons Why Your Marriage Is Failing

Counting days to Valentine’s, couples are all over thinking of how to surprise their loved ones. Sadly there are also couples finalizing on divorce papers or headed in that direction. All marriages start out happy but as time goes by, things start to change. Couple therapy certainly does help but the first step is singling out the reasons why the marriage is failing.

Lack of Communication
Communication is key in all relationships. Lack of communication leads to anger, mistrust, and fights between couples. It would cost nothing to simply text your wife and inform her you are going out with your friends instead of having her find out on social media. Such instances create misunderstandings among couples.

Never Ending Fights
Once married, decisions made are no longer personal. Creating an environment where every single decision is a fight causes a lot of friction .A little compromise here and there will go a long way. Pick your fights well.

Never talk down a partner to friends. The biggest mistake couples make is gossiping about their partners. Not everybody considered a friend is in reality a friend. Should there be issues with a partner confront them directly instead of telling your business to people who will only poison the relationship. Do not air dirty laundry in public.

For any relationship to work, effort has to be made. Having bad hair and blaming it on breastfeeding is lame. Ordering pizza daily because the kids need help with homework is wrong. Opting to watch football instead of spending time with a partner is wrong. Both partners need to put in effort for the marriage to work.

Lastly, having wrong priorities has cost many marriages. No one is against partying, hanging out with friends, taking dance lessons, book clubs or whatever a partner wants to do but by all means keep the priority in sight.
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