The Secret to Make Your Relationship Last

The Secret to Make Your Relationship Last

Nowadays people jump from one relationship to the other like they are changing clothes. While a lasting relationship may be hard to find, it is not at all impossible. While there are people who say that there is no forever when it comes to love, our grandparents would strongly disagree with this notion.

Ultimately, the goal to settle down and live a happy life with our loved ones depends on us. We have to remember that we make these decisions and we need to stand by whatever makes us fulfilled and happy.

The Secret to A Lasting Relationship is to Please Each Other
With whatever you both do, whether it’s the simple things or big decisions that need to be made, always consider how it would make your partner feel. If a certain decision makes them feel bad, but is for the betterment of everyone, always meet halfway. Life decisions don’t always have to be bad, but it should be considered with both parties agreeing to a certain extent.

Being able to please each other means that you are well aware of the desires and dislikes of each other. Making each other happy will contribute to a lasting relationship that works to increase intimacy and understanding.

Always Learn to Listen
One common issue between couples face is they never learn to listen to each other. Hearing is entirely different from listening because with listening, you learn to comprehend the emotions attached to the message. Being able to understand each other and allowing yourself to get a full comprehension of what the other is saying shows a deeper level of intimacy. Being able to listen to each other, regardless if they are complaints or compliments allow your relationship to grow even more.

Lisa Schmude LMFT is a relationship expert working with couples who are having a hard time establishing a solid relationship. Couples who would like to work things out and individuals who would like to regain their old self can have self-healing through coaching sessions and one on one talks.